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Bed Risers to Raise College Beds

Raising your bed will give you added storage space. There are a couple of different bed risers on the market that you can use to raise your bed. The least expensive are bed risers that look like up-side-down bowls. Although less expensive, this type of bed riser will only give you a few inches of extra space. The bed risers that will give you the most space are Rack Raisers. Rack Raisers are metal stilts that can raise your bed up to 25 inches, and are more stable than bed risers. In order for Rack Raisers to fit the bed at your school the legs must be straight, and less than 2.5" in diameter. Do not bring cinder blocks to raise your bed! Read why you shouldn't bring cinder blocks in "What Not To Bring to College".

Many colleges and Universities have a relationship with a company like Rack Raisers who will sell bed risers that are acceptable for use at the school to incoming students. If you have searched for bed risers and were unable to find any you can try the links below or call your school's residence life office for some pointers. Chances are very good that you are not the first person to ask them where to find a pair of bed risers that are legal at the school and they should have some good pointers.

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