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Our list of what to bring to college is all well and good but we just wouldn't feel right if we didn't tell you what you shouldn't bring to college. So here it is, a list of some of the most common things that people bring to their college dorm that are better left at home.

Cinder blocks - Cinder blocks were fine to bring to college once upon a time. Now colleges hate them with a passion! Picture a college or university with 10,000 students living on campus. And now imagine that 2,000 of those students each brought 4 cinder blocks to raise their beds. Let's say half (if the college is lucky) of those students took their cinder blocks home with them at the end of the year. That leaves the college with the task of removing 4,000 cinder blocks from their residence halls! Colleges and universities have to pay to have the cinder blocks removed so they are passing the bill along to the students that brought the blocks in the first place! Read about Rack Raisers in the "what to bring to college" section under the subheading "Bed Risers" for a great alternative to cinder blocks.

Large Fridge - Most colleges will limit power consumption or cubic footage of a refrigerator. Check with your college or in your residence hall information to see what is allowed.

Large Microwave - Most colleges will limit the allowable power consumption of a microwave. Check with your college or in your residence hall information to see what is allowed.

Firearms - You'd think that this wouldn't need an explanation but rules exist for a reason and some students think it would be great to have their favorite rifle at college. As you can imagine, possession of firearms on campus is a serious offense that may result in expulsion and possibly even criminal charges.

Fireworks - There are big penalties associated with the possession of fireworks. It's not worth it! You could get a large fine, housing probation, or even residence hall expulsion for having fireworks in your room.

Pets - No matter what your friends say colleges do not allow rabbits, guinea pigs, hedgehogs, or any other small animal in their residence halls. The only creatures that colleges and universities will tolerate (most of the time) are fish.

Off-Season Clothes - Your closet and dresser will not be very large, and there will not be enough room for your year-round wardrobe.

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